NIH AKTIV PREconvention

17. November 2017

PREconvention er i år et dagskurs innen emnet trening og eldre.
Cody Sipe er professor på Harding University i USA, og skal holde Functional Aging Specialist Workshop.

Pris: 2099,-
Sted: Norges Idrettshøgskole
Tidspunkt: 17. november 2017 – kl 08.30 – 17.00

Functional Aging Specialist Workshop

The global population is rapidly aging. There are more mature adults alive today than ever before and their numbers will continue to grow for the next 30+ years! Learn how to train this diverse clientele with safe, effective and fun training strategies, techniques and movements and position yourself as the «go to» fitness professional that understands their needs and interests. The Functional Aging Specialist certification course will teach you the Functional Aging Training Model, functional fitness assessments, general exercise strategies, aging specific exercise strategies (power, balance, gait, cognition, etc.) for older adults from frail to independent to fit.

This is NOT your traditional «senior fitness» course that focuses on gentle, seated exercises. These strategies are robust and can be scaled for clients with diverse functional abilities. Attendees get full access to the online course with over 10 hours of written and video content including the certification exam at no additional cost.
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